Discovery and Guided Inquiry


To create a school-wide focus on the inquiry process, participants in the Learning Commons collaborate to promote the use of an inquiry model which:

  • Expands personal horizons and knowledge base
  • Encourages the collision of ideas
  • Engages the learner in rich, real-world tasks that interest and motivate
  • Embeds essential and recurring skills and knowledge
  • Provides a strategy for processing information
  • Benefits from intentional, guided intervention
  • Scaffolds learning for success
  • Promotes open-ended thinking in all phases of the process
  • Extends learning through diverse strategies, resources, technologies, and products
  • Balances sequential learning with holistic learning and differentiated instruction
  • Develops multiple literacies
  • Fosters metacognition, i.e., learning how to learn in both familiar and new contexts
  • Encourages a collaborative approach to learning



Download the Interactive Student Inquiry Process Poster (English)

Download The Interactive Student Inquiry Learning Process (French)